Revised NMC Code now live!

The revised code for nurses is now live - you can view here!

The revised NMC code for nurses is now live - you can view here!

Here's a snippet of the content to get you started, the direct link to the NMC website can be found at the bottom of the page. 

'The Code contains the professional standards that registered nurses and midwives must uphold. UK nurses and midwives must act in line with the Code, whether they are providing direct care to individuals, groups or communities or bringing their professional knowledge to bear on nursing and midwifery practice in other roles, such as leadership, education or research. While you can interpret the values and principles set out in the Code in a range of different practice settings, they are not negotiable or discretionary.

Our role is to set the standards in the Code, but these are not just our standards. They are the standards that patients and members of the public tell us they expect from healthcare professionals. They are the standards shown every day by good nurses and midwives across the UK. When joining our register, and then renewing their registration, nurses and midwives commit to upholding these standards. This commitment to professional standards is fundamental to being part of a profession. We can take action if registered nurses or midwives fail to uphold the Code. In serious cases, this can include removing them from the register. The Code should be useful for everyone who cares about good nursing and midwifery:

 Patients and service users, and those who care for them, can use it to provide feedback to nurses and midwives about the care they receive.

  • Nurses and midwives can use it to promote safe and effective practice in their place of work.
  • Employer organisations should support their staff in upholding the standards in their professional Code as part of providing the quality and safety expected by service users and regulators.
  • Educators can use the Code to help students understand what it means to be a registered professional and how keeping to the Code helps to achieve that.

For the many committed and expert practitioners on our register, this Code should be seen as a way of reinforcing their professionalism. Through revalidation, you will provide fuller, richer evidence of your continued ability to practise safely and effectively when you renew your registration. The Code will be central in the revalidation process as a focus for professional reflection. This will give the Code significance in your professional life, and raise its status and importance for employers.

The Code contains a series of statements that taken together signify what good nursing and midwifery practice looks like. It puts the interests of patients and service users first, is safe and effective, and promotes trust through professionalism.'

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