How to Apply

Applying for an advertised position:

  • Do you meet the criteria for the job

The answer to this doesn’t always need to be yes, in many cases people within healthcare have many transferable skills that with a little time and training can offer a fantastic solution to an organisation.

  • How do I apply?

If the job advert leaves you unclear about the application process pick up the phone and ask the question. A direct approach is much better than walking away from an opportunity that could be perfect for you.

  • Application forms and CV’s

A well written CV with accurate dates and information is an excellent way to keep all the information you need on hand. A good CV also allows you to show some personality, where appropriate. However always be prepared to complete an application form. Many organisations have a strict and rigorous recruitment policy they must adhere to. This can ensure everyone applying for the position provides the same level of personal and professional information.

  • Do your research

Although a job advertisement may seem like your dream job, always do your research. If the organisation has a website a quick look at this stage, it will confirm location and that you can get there for all shifts and key information that will be helpful in the future.

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