Holiday Season in Healthcare

Making the time you have count!

During the forthcoming weeks before the holiday season you'll be busy thinking about the things that are important to you.
For me the holiday season is about family, spending time together and enjoying having a meal, sat around the table with no one in a rush to be anywhere. Remembering the neighbour who lives alone; seeing friends and playing games; creating your own traditions.

However after working for years in healthcare I know this isn't always possible to do on the key days. It’s about making the time when you can for yourself and others; around working shifts and juggling gravy and roast potatoes while covering shifts of course! 

What is normal for one would be unusual to another. Who said you can’t enjoy a cup of tea after a night shift while the children open their present, or spending your day delivering babies into the world can’t be a magic surrounded by colleagues, or being the person who prepares the meal for a elderly gentlemen whose family live away can't make your day perfect as well as his.

Without the volunteers, homecare workers, midwives, nurses, GP's, HCA's, care coordinators, emergency services to name a few, the holiday season wouldn't be anywhere near as wonderful.

Being kind to others is the best gift anyone can give.

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