Live in Carer

Date Posted
27th August 2015
Adults, Domiciliary Care, Health, Older People
Contract Type
Non Qualified, NVQ/Diploma Level
Job Roles
Care, Care Assistant, Live-In Carer

~~Reports to: Care Manager / Supervisor

Summary of position
To support each customer to remain living in their own homes for as long as they require. To provide each customer with a high quality of care, that is respectful, dignified and encourages independence whilst adhering to the customers care and support plan. Document and report all relevant customer care information.

General information
Live-in care workers provide support and encouragement that empowers the customer to lead an independent lifestyle. As the live-in care worker resides in the customer’s home it is important that the care worker recognise the importance of respecting the customer’s right to make choices and maintaining privacy. Live-in care workers are there to assist the customer in maintaining their lifestyle in a safe and secure manner.

The live-in care worker is not on duty 24 hours a day and is afforded time off when their services are not required. This is normally in the afternoon but may vary according to the customer’s needs.

Live-in care workers are also not on call throughout the night and are expected to be able to retire once the customer is settled for the night so they are able to commence their duties the following morning. It is expected that the live-in care worker be responsible for one call per night.

The care worker will be briefed before undertaking any assignment with the specific tasks involved but in every case it is incumbent upon the care worker to carry out the work in a safe and professional way and to adhere to the specific instructions as well as the policies and procedures of the company.

Duties and responsibilities
•To assist customers with all aspects of their personal care, including:
•Showering and bathing;
•Dressing and grooming;
•Toileting and incontinence;
•Teeth and dentures.
•To assist customers with all aspects of medication, including:
•Communicating with the pharmacy and pick up;
•To assist customers with all aspects of their meal preparation, including:
•Cooking and re-heating;
•Preparing and serving of meals;
•Preparing and clearing the table;
•Safe storage and infection control;
•Communicating with the customer and disposing of unsafe food.
•To support customers in the use of aids and personal equipment, including:
•Standing and walking frames;
•Manual and electric hoists;
•Sliding sheets and moving boards;
•Hearing aids and other physical aids.
•To support customers with home management, including:
•Hovering and sweeping;
•Washing and storing the dishes;
•Washing clothes and hanging them up;
•Making beds and changing the lining;
•Dusting and general tidying;
•Answer the door and greet visitors;
•Answer emergency bells and the telephone.
•To help in the promotion of a customer’s mental and physical activities, such as:
•Communication and engagement;
•Going out;
•Reading, photo albums and writing;
•Hobbies and recreations.
•To document and report all relevant customer information, including:
•Changes to a customer’s care;
•Emergency management;
•Family involvement;
•External health teams.
•To support a customer through temporary and terminal illness, including:
•End of life care;
•Hospital appointments;
•Personal care in bed;
•Community health support.
•To work as part of the Bluebird Care team, which includes;
•Take part in staff and customer meetings;
•Training activities as directed;
•To read and write reports;
•To attend appraisal and development meetings;
•To communicate in various formats.
•To comply with the business guidelines and policies at all times.This list is not exhaustive and from time to time you may be asked to undertake additional duties.

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